Makeup brush roll DIY..


This is a quick and easy sewing project which is also suitable for novice sewists.

What you will need:

  • 33cm x 13cm piece of fabric for one half of the outside
  • 33cm x 13cm piece of fabric for the contrasting outside half (if you don't want to have a 2 coloured outside you simply need 1 piece of fabric with the measurements 33cm x 24 cm)
  • 33cm x 24cm piece of fabric for the inside
  • 33cm x 24cm piece of interfacing
  • 24cm x 33-34cm piece of fabric for the pocket (the length of the fabric will depend on the size of your brushes as you will have to create little pockets to slot the brushes in. I recommend leaving the piece of fabric a bit longer and then cut off the excess at the end)
  • 2x 20cm long rope or any other ribbon you like to use
  • Sewing supplies (scissors, pins, sewing machine, iron etc.)

(the above measurements are inclusive of a 1cm seam allowance)


To get started cut all your fabric pieces as per the above measurements.

If you chose a 2 coloured outside sew those pieces together with a 1cm seam allowance. Now iron the interfacing on the wrong side of the outside fabric. Fold the fabric for the pocket in half lengthwise. Now create little pockets for your brushes by pinning the pocket fabric to the right side of the inside fabric. Make sure to measure approx. 3-4cm from the sides of the fabric before creating your first pocket. Once the pockets are pinned in place and you tested that your brushes will fit sew a straight line on each side of your pockets all the way down to the bottom.


On the outside fabric sew the rope in place in the middle approx. 17 cm in from the left hand side.

Now pin the outside fabric and inside fabric together (right sides facing each other). Additionally add a rope in the middle of the right hand side edge (this is the edge furthest away from the rope you added on the front of the brush roll. Also make sure that the rope added on the edge faces inwards as you will later turn the brush roll inside out. Sew along the edge with a 1 cm seam allowance, leaving an 8cm opening to later turn the roll. Turn your brush roll. Make sure your ropes to later tie the roll together are in the right place. Sew the opening shut by hand. And you are finished.