Christmas bunting

Christmas bunting DIY

Hello crafting friends,

Here a short tutorial on how to sew your own cute 12 flag Christmas bunting for the festive season.

You need:

  • Triangle pattern (on a piece of paper draw a triangle, 17 cm wide and 24 cm long, this includes 1cm seam allowance)
  • Fabric 1 (26 cm)*
  • Fabric 2 (26 cm)*
  • Fabric 3 (26 cm)*
  • Fabric 4, for backing (52 cm)*
  • 2,3 metres of binding
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Pins

*please note that the above mentioned fabric requirements are based on fabric with a minimum width of 1m.

Christmas bunting pattern DIY

Start off by cutting out your bunting flags. The bunting pattern can be laid out and cut by top and tailing to save on fabric (see below).

Christmas bunting DIY

Once you have 12 fronts and 12 backings start to sew the flags by placing a front and back piece on top of one another (right sides together). Sew along the side edges, allowing 1cm seam allowance. To create a nice looking tip sew to the bottom of the triangle, leave your needle lowered, lift the presser foot and simply turn the flag around to sew up the other side. There is no need to close the top as you will use the opening to turn the flags inside out.

Before turning the flag cut some of the bulk off the flag tip (as shown below):

Christmas bunting DIY

Once the flags are turned, iron them and proceed by topstitching along the edges of each flag to help the flags sit flat. 

Christmas bunting DIY

Once all flags have been top stitched you can start the final step which is sewing on the binding. Firstly sew together the binding and the back of the flags (I didn't leave any spaces between the flags but you can do so if you like). Also remember to add approx. 10cm or more at the beginning and end to hang the finished bunting up. Once the bunting and the flags have been sewn together at the back, the binding can be sewn at the front. If you need some guidance with sewing on the binding just type bias binding on google and you will be able to find some tutorials.

...and voila, you have your finished Christmas bunting.

Christmas bunting DIY