DIY for Table place cards

Oh-I-Adore-Table-Place-Cards-DIY-2 (1 of 1).jpeg

Hello friends,

Throwing a big party or planning your wedding? Here I have a an easy table place card tutorial. 

You will need:

  • Paper tags
  • Thin string
  • Fine white gel pen
  • Fabric napkins
  • Branch tip clippings, rosemary sprigs, fern branches (or any other plant clipping you can think of) 
Oh-I-Adore-Table-Place-Cards-DIY-1 (1 of 1).jpeg

Firstly fold your napkins as per the below sample photos.

With a white gel pen write your guests name on each one of your tags. To make the writing look nice you can use this faux calligraphy method. Once you have all your place cards done you can start by threading string through the tag punch hole. Depending on what type of branch you have chosen you can place it through the punch hole as well or simply place it behind the place card. Now simply loop the thread behind the napkin and tie a bow on top of the napkin.

Voila! You created your own personalised table place cards.

Oh-I-Adore-Table-Place-Cards-DIY-6 (1 of 1).jpeg