Pyjama shorts

Shorts sewing from bernina blog

Hello sewing friends,

This weekend I attempted to sew some pyjama shorts. For the blue pair I used a pattern I found on the German Bernina blog (instructions are all in German). For the white pair I used a different free pattern I found online, however, I wasn't very happy with it so I won't put the link up for that one.

Sewing shorts with Bernina blog pattern

I did end up making some changes to the blue shorts pattern. Firstly I added an extra 3 cm at the top so that I wouldn't have to sew a waistband. Also I lowered the crotch level by 3 cm. 

If you have ever wondered how to work out by how much to lower the crotch level for pants/shorts that don't fit right its quite easy:

  • Firstly put on your pants and wear them at the height where you want them to sit
  • Make a little mark with sticky tape or a pen as to where the waistband ends
  • Now pull the shorts down to a level that feels comfortable
  • Measure the distance between the previous mark and the new waistband level
  • now you can lower the crotch on your front and back shorts/pants pattern by that amount, see photo example below:
Sewing shorts from Bernina blog

I have to admit I made a major rookie error with the blue shorts: I DIDN'T flip the front and back pattern pieces after cutting one of each. This meant I ended up with a front piece with the pattern and one without and the same for the back. Since I didn't have any more of this fabric I couldn't re-cut another 2 pieces. However, I did actually quite like the mismatch in the end and since they are pyjama shorts it really doesn't matter that much ;)

Sewing shorts from Bernina blog